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17 Wind Power Projects of CR Power Won Prizes in the National Wind Farm Production Indicators Competition of 2016

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From September 20 to 21, China Electricity Council (hereinafter referred to as “CEC”) held the wind power operation indicators press conference of 2017 and the 11th annual meeting of national wind power technology cooperation network. The meeting issued the key indicators of wind power production and operation in China in 2016, and released the results of wind farm production indicators competition. There are 17 wind power projects including Dongxing wind farm, Tianhekou wind farm, Yimachi wind farm and Zijing wind farm of CR Power, which have won the prizes.

The national wind farm production indicators competition is held by China Electricity Council with the aim to commend the wind-based projects with outstanding contribution to operation management, advanced production, safety and efficiency and other aspects. According to the related standards of CEC and based on evaluation by the same caliber and same region, the competition performs comprehensive evaluation, publicity and final review to the indicators of electric quantity, energy consumption and equipment running level and makes final decision on winner list. CR Power had an honor of winning 17 prizes, including 4 first-class prizes, 6 second-class prizes and 7 third-class prizes, and the prize-winning rate amounted to 39.5%, ranking the first in the industry. Departments of East China Region and Northeast China Region of the company made presentations for sharing experience, and the themes were “the experience of model wind farm construction” and “introduction of advanced experience of prize-winning wind farm” respectively, which received extensive applause from the peers.

The prizes are the high recognition of CR Power in terms of its work and performance achieved in wind power field, and they are the motivation and encouragement to the company for future wind-based projects. CR Power will continue to invest and construct in the field of new energy, strengthen the management of wind power operation and strive to be an international integrated power service provider that which is trusted by the public and preferred by the customers.

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